Why Do Leaders in Cloud Security Choose JupiterOne?

Security & Compliance as Code automate object discovery, configuration monitoring and vulnerability management while speeding up security reviews and automating evidence collection.

Improved SecOps Efficiency

Centralize the management and analysis of your digital environment's security posture to a single tool

Faster Security Reviews

Eliminate sales friction with SOC 2 ready security policies & procedures templates that map to your environment.

Continuous Enterprise Monitoring

Gather evidences, align with any security frameworks and continuously monitor your security posture.

Automated Evidence Collection

Managed integrations, centralized data aggregation and queries automate security reporting and analysis.

Building Large Security & Compliance Teams Isn't Scalable

Would you hire a team to build a robot or be a robot?

JupiterOne was developed so security teams large and small can gain better visibility, effectively filter out noise, eliminate excess tooling, improve data reliability and automate compliance, without increasing overhead. Read our complete story →

Security and compliance effectiveness directly impacts business growth. Isn’t it time security and compliance were business fuel – not weights?

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How JupiterOne Becomes the Foundation of Your Security & Compliance Operations


Building a Complete Asset Inventory

JupiterOne integrates with your cloud environment, as well as DevOps, security and operations tooling to pull reliable configuration and relationship data into a single location - it's a next-gen CMDB.

Connecting Assets on a Living Graph of your Environment

All ingested resources are assigned labels and values that align with security policies and procedures as well as security and compliance frameworks. Then the resources are automatically mapped to each other based on their relationships.

Aligning Assets with your Policies and Requirements

Resources are mapped to your security policies and procedures and any security frameworks you've adopted to automatically detect gaps for remediation, produce evidences for audits and create rules for continuous enterprise monitoring.

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JupiterOne brings unparalleled visibility to your security operations.


Enter: JupiterOne

Context-rich, data-driven security and compliance software for getting a lot more done.

In 5 minutes

JupiterOne can create a robust, completely up-to-date asset inventory of your digital environment and map all of the relationships between users and resources.

In 10 minutes

Maintain CI/CD and automate detection of suspicious code commits using JupiterOne’s managed integrations with your code repositories.

In 30 minutes

Query your entire digital environment and export evidences to support security reviews for auditors or customers and save the rules for change alerting.

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