Why DevSecOps?

We have been there. Building and delivering secure software is hard. Traditional processes silo security teams and create tension between development and security. There is a better way – DevSecOps.

DevSecOps democratizes security much in the same way that DevOps does for cloud operations. It distributes responsibility through the entire technical team, resulting in a more efficient security team, more secure code and higher productivity.

With the proliferation of very public security breaches applying pressure to your organization from one side, competition and customer demands for more features and faster development on the other side, DevSecOps isn’t an option any longer. You have to develop better, secure software faster.  

We evangelize this approach because we truly believe in it – so much that we wrote the Security Manifesto to memorialize our beliefs.

You can also learn more about the DevSecOps culture at https://www.devsecops.org/

JupiterOne is the DevSecOps tool that enables you to get ahead of the inevitable.