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JupiterOne for SecOps Teams

Security operations is hard. It’s not just the vulnerabilities and breaches that cause stress for SecOps teams, it is also having to track, maintain and manage a robust and constantly evolving digital environment. Combine that with the urgency attached to security threats and SecOps teams have a very tall task ahead of them each day. 

JupiterOne helps SecOps teams navigate the complexity of their digital environment using its context-driven, relationship-based data model. It automatically ingests, maintains and maps connections across disparate data points, allowing organizations to simplify their security stack and mute the noise.

Challenges for SecOps

Cloud security responsibilities for SecOps teams span proactive management and maintenance, reactive remediation and investigation and the timely yet stressful compliance audits. These demands require SecOps teams to be judicious with their time to not fall behind, let alone tread water or get ahead.

To manage the different facets of their environment, SecOps teams typically incorporate dozens of siloed tools and solution. Because the tools do not speak to each other, teams spend hours looking for the source or history of issues and then they still have to figure out who to alert. It’s an impossible task.

So how are security teams expected to ever get ahead to ensure their organization is prepared in advance for compliance audits, complete regular pen-testing and proactively make changes to their environment to shore up their defenses when they are being pulled in so many different, tedious directions?

A Complete Security Picture

JupiterOne provides a complete security picture, enabling security teams to take a 30,000 foot view of their digital environment and subsequently drill down to specific users, assets and entities. When a breach does occur, it is easy to understand why, how and take action.

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SecOps Asset Inventory

Automated Asset Inventory

Security teams can simplify the collection of digital assets across their entire digital environment and maintain them automatically with integrations directly into AWS, GitHub, Okta and others.

SecOps Forensic Search

Smart Search

The JupiterOne query language allows SecOps teams to proactively and forensically search for changes in their environment as well as produce evidence of compliance.

Security Operations Integrations

Deep Integrations

JupiterOne can connect and stay synced with AWS, Okta, GitHub and other accounts to keep an up-to-date picture of an organization’s digital environment, automatically.

Security Policies and Procedures

Policy Builder

Create and enforce a robust set of tailored policies and procedures built around top-used security frameworks that can be used in security audits in a matter of minutes.

AWS Config Service Integration

AWS Resource Compliance

SecOps teams are able to integrate directly with the AWS Config service to continuously assess, audit and evaluate configurations of your organizations AWS resources.

Digital Environment Relationship Visualization

Data Visualization

Map and analyze relationships across your digital environment to create a clear picture of why changes in your environment have occurred and whether or not those changes are an actual problem.

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