SOC 2 Compliance Software

→ Leverage Security Policies & Procedures Templates with 100% SOC 2 Coverage

→ Automatically Map Resources & Configurations to Your SOC 2 Aligned Security Policies

→ Automate audit evidence collection with your environment’s data

→ Automate SOC 2 Gap Analysis & Enterprise Monitoring

Benefits of JupiterOne as your SOC 2 Compliance Software

Faster Security Reviews

Leveraging security policies and procedures templates that align with SOC 2 requirements will reduce the time needed to complete thorough security reviews for prospects.

Enabled Continuous Compliance

Mapping your objects – plus their configuration status and relationships – to your policies and procedures provides near-real-time gap analysis.

Reduced Organizational Strain

Reduce the time and resource demands of SOC 2 self-assessments and audits more than 50% by enabling compliance as code with JupiterOne.


The average cost of SOC 2 compliance is more than $250,000. Teams leveraging JupiterOne for SOC 2 save more than $100,000 by eliminating excess tooling and reducing time demands.

Policies & Procedures Documentation

First, security teams need to develop security policies, procedures & operational playbooks that align with SOC2 requirements. In order to track implementation and observation of policies, map your controls & documentation to SOC2 requirements.

Investment: 1-2 months of resources

Policies & Procedures Documentation with JupiterOne

Jumpstart with a full package of 23 policies and 135 control procedures templatized, ready to adopt for a SaaS company. These policies and procedures are pre-mapped to SOC 2, as well as other security frameworks like PCI, HIPAA, NIST and CSA Cloud Controls Matrix.

Investment: <5 minutes to build; 1-2 weeks to tweak

Building an Asset Inventory

In order to assess your company's compliance, you will need to create, label and maintain an asset inventory of your organization's digital environments.

Investment: $2,000/mo. & up

Building an Asset Inventory with JupiterOne

JupiterOne is built on an API-powered and automatically maintained asset inventory capability which actively discovers new assets and changes to assets, as well as tagging those assets with labels that align with SOC 2.

Investment: Included in JupiterOne subscription

Adding Configuration Management

Leverage a configuration management & auditing tool to alert your team when a misconfiguration occurs that leaves you out of compliance.

Investment: $2,500/mo. & up

Configuration Management with JupiterOne

Organizations can use J1QL queries and pre-packaged questions to isolate potential compliance gaps; then they can configure alert rules for automated configuration auditing.

Investment: Included in JupiterOne subscription

Performing Access Reviews

Implement a SAML SSO solution and a multi-factor authentication solution. Perform manual monthly access reviews to ensure the right users have the right level of access to the right services.

Investment: Hours

Access Reviews with JupiterOne

Automate access reviews and reporting with queries using JupiterOne.

Investment: Minutes

Compliance Management

Leverage a governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) tool to collect and manage data and evidences aligned with SOC 2 and other security frameworks your organization aligns with.

Investment: $2,000/mo.

Compliance Management with JupiterOne

Leverage JupiterOne's Compliance Dashboard to easily track compliance status, view evidences and isolate remediation areas.

Investment: Included with JupiterOne and automated

Security Metrics & Reporting

In order to track progress & performance of your security program, organizations need to export to excel or onboard a separate data visualization & charting solution.

Investment: Up to $1,000/mo.

Security Metrics & Reporting with JupiterOne

Leverage JupiterOne's Insights app to visualize changes in your environment over time, snapshots of specific data points and more.

Investment: Included with JupiterOne

See a complete list of what is involved when tackling SOC 2 compliance in our free infographic.

Using JupiterOne for SOC 2 Compliance in 5 Steps

SOC 2 Ready Security Policies & Procedures

Customizable security policies & procedures templates – successfully been used in 3rd party audits – are designed for cloud-based and SaaS businesses and map to 100% of SOC 2 requirements.

Managed Integrations Automate Asset Collection

Connect JupiterOne to dozens of cloud, DevOps and security services and tools to create a robust – and searchable – inventory of your digital resources.

Map Your Objects & Resources to SOC 2

Managed integrations with your cloud and DevOps resources are mapped to SOC 2 requirements on JupiterOne’s graph of your digital environment – centralizing and simplifying the view.

security policy builder relationships jupiterone

Automate SOC 2 Evidence Collection

By mapping your environment to requirement, evidences are collected automatically and can quickly be viewed or download for remediation or assessments.

Compliance Monitoring Dashboard

Achieve continuous compliance by monitoring your environments gaps in near-real-time. Plus, configure alerts to notify of changes as well as track and visualize trends.

Start Building Security Policies

SOC 2 Type I and Type II.In a Single Tool.

Be SOC 2 Type I ready out of the box with JupiterOne's SOC 2 requirements aligned security policies and procedures.

Already have policies? Upload them using the JupiterOne CLI and map them to your existing environment for evidence collection, remediation and enforcement to meet a Type II certification.

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Providing Complete Visibility for Leading Cloud-Native Organizations

Providing Complete Visibility for Leading Cloud-Native Organizations

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