Security & Compliance for eCommerce

eCommerce companies have numerous compliance requirements to ensure their users’ personal information is properly secured as well as ensure the proper access for users to various critical resources: your payment processing system and your eCommerce platform to mention a couple. PCI sets out numerous resources and requirements within its Data Security Standard (DSS), but tracking and maintaining those means a long checklist of to-dos.

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Understanding your Company’s Responsibilities 

The risks associated with a breach of user data can range from monetary fines imposed by the credit card issuers to loss of consumer trust in the businesses who are found to be non-compliant. There are six main requirements within PCI that are broken out into twelve sub-requirements that contain more than three hundred specific standards that have to be met. These standards have one main goal in mind: protecting cardholder data. That is the golden nugget that every person with malicious intent is trying to get compromise.

Companies must be extremely proactive in anticipating things that could go wrong and then put in place robust, effective measures. It takes a DevSecOps approach to prevent, or a least greatly mitigate, serious problems in the areas of cybersecurity, data security and privacy protections.

Enforce Security Policies

Customer expectations of eCommerce companies

eCommerce companies face the towering competition that is Amazon as they compete for customers. It isn’t just the shipping or selection that draws users to Amazon. It is also the trust and service that is associated with their never ending pursuit of customer happiness.

When customers purchases from companies other than Amazon, especially smaller resellers, they are doing so with some expected concern around your companies ability to meet the same standards as Amazon. The number one concern is around an organizations legitimacy and ability to keep their information safe.

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A Growing Checklist for Enforcing PCI Compliance

The following items are recommended by eCommerce giant Magento to ensure PCI Compliance.

  • Use a firewall between the payment card data and the public network, and keep the firewall updated.
  • Don’t use vendor-supplied default passwords that come with network equipment or devices used in payment processing.
  • Do not store cardholder data.
  • Use encryption to protect all transmission of cardholder data over any public network.
  • Use antivirus software on all machines in the cardholder data environment and ensure that the software is regularly updated.
  • Check that your card processing systems have vendor-supplied security patches installed.
  • Limit access to cardholder data to as few people as possible.
  • Assign a unique ID number to each user so that everyone is accountable for his own actions.
  • Restrict physical access to the cardholder data environment.
  • Monitor all access to the network and cardholder data environment.
  • Regularly test your security systems and network environment.
  • Maintain a security policy and ensure that all personnel are aware of it.

How can a small retailer keep track of all of these moving pieces with limited time?

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JupiterOne’s was built for effectively and efficiently enforcing the security and compliance operations of cloud providers. The framework was created for our own cloud platform with the goal of achieving certification in a quick and sustainable way without having to onboard a large security team or compliance consultants. The result is intelligent, precision security that eCommerce retailers can leverage to ensure only the right people have access to the right resources.

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