Scalable Security Operations

JupiterOne allows cloud-based and SaaS organizations to manage security operations across their entire digital environment from a single location.

Benefits of JupiterOne for Security Teams

Increased security team efficiencies impact the entire organization: faster security reviews, reduced likelihood of a breach and a better ROI on operational overhead.

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Overcome Operational Complexity

Direct integrations with near-real-time updates mean you are constantly collecting the most up to date picture of your digital environment.

Increase Security Team Efficiency

Centralize your infrastructure and tooling data onto a single, searchable, relationship-based graph that is mapped directly to your security policies.

Accelerate Vulnerability Remediation

Greater visibility and context shortens the time needed to identify, attribute and remediate security gaps.

Using JupiterOne for Security Operations

Reduce the time it takes to complete daily security tasks by more than 70% while improving data reliability.

Map Your Environment

Build an up to date asset inventory, including relationships and resource configuration, of your digital environment into a single place.

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Powerful Insights Visualization

Use boards and dashboards to keep an eye on your critical reports and shortcut the path to spotting changes and vulnerabilities in your environment.

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Build & Enforce Policies

Leverage SaaS-oriented security policy and procedure templates aligned with 100% of SOC 2 security requirements and mapped automatically to your cloud environment.

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Manage Endpoint Compliance

Use the JupiterOne Endpoint Agent or bring your integration from Carbon BlackSentinelOne or Wazuh to manage your endpoints, spot improper configurations and map vulnerabilities users and devices may have across the rest of your environment.

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Perform Access Reviews

Search, visualize and analyze user access to tools, services and critical resources, as well as connect that data with endpoint compliance, MFA Activation, SSO access and more to get a clear picture of potential risks.

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Perform Vulnerability Management

Integrate findings from AWS Guard Duty and AWS Inspector to JupiterOne and map the vulnerabilities to the rest of your environment to understand your true risk – also configure rules to alert you when critical vulnerabilities occur.

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Manage Resource Configuration Compliance

Customizable rules and alerts plus direct integrations with dozens of AWS services mean you can manage resource configuration compliance where you manage the rest of your security operations and compliance.

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Automate CI/CD

Connect your users and code repositories like GitHub and BitBucket to detect inadvertent self-approvals that occur during code reviews or spot malicious intent from outside sources.

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Continuous Monitoring

Build rules and alerts that align with security and compliance frameworks or to alert you a changes to critical resources in your environment.

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Providing Complete Visibility for Leading Cloud-Native Organizations

Providing Complete Visibility for Leading Cloud-Native Organizations

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