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Build a world class security operations and engineering program on top of JupiterOne’s platform data and easy to use APIs. We simplify and automate security so that you can focus on what’s most critical.

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Navigate Complexity with Automated Security

JupiterOne’s platform grows with you as your security team matures. JupiterOne’s graph based approach provides complete and integrated visibility for your teams. They can easily spot potential issues, stay on the same page with remediation and operational priorities and visualize what is going on across your environment, using simple searches, in seconds.

Our Approach

JupiterOne Use Cases

Automate Visibility & Improve SecOps Efficiency

JupiterOne provides visibility across your entire digital environment and every aspect of your security posture in a a single place. With JupiterOne’s automated asset discovery, configuration monitoring, vulnerability management, and governance management, you can focus instead on the more strategic needs of your organization.

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Relationship Driven SecOps

With a centralized and interactive view of your environments and cyber assets, you gain full understanding of the relationships between your assets. JupiterOne’s deep data context allows teams to work on advanced SecOps needs such as blast radius, application bug ownership, and exploring other unknown relationship data.

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Effectively Detect Suspicious Code Commits

Connect your users and code repositories like GitHub and BitBucket to JupiterOne’s platform to easily detect inadvertent self-approvals that occur during code reviews or spot malicious intent from outside sources.

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Use Case: SecOps - Detect Suspicious Code Commits

Accelerate Security Reviews & Remediation

JupiterOne optimizes team resources and time spent on finding vulnerabilities, performing reviews, and gathering evidence. JupiterOne creates robust findings through collected asset metadata, which helps security teams quickly identify and remediate potential risks and critical issues across the business.

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Centralize Endpoint Compliance

JupiterOne collects data from integrations such as Carbon Black, SentinelOne, Wazuh and others to help you manage your endpoints from a single source of truth. JupiterOne discovers improper configurations and maps vulnerabilities, users, and devices across your entire environment.

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Use Case: SecOps Endpoint Compliance
Team DevOps: Connect Your Entire Toolchain

JupiterOne Grows With You

Through JupiterOne’s managed integrations, security operations teams can quickly collect identity, code repository, security tooling, endpoint and infrastructure asset data and map the relationships between each of the resources to create a clear picture of your entire digital environment. JupiterOne creates robust findings through collected asset metadata helping Security Engineering and Operations teams quickly identify and remediate potential risks and critical issues across the business.


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Learn how CAASM complements SecOps tools like SOAR and SIEM.

Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management (CAASM) is on the rise with full visibility of all assets as the #1 driver. Learn why this emerging technology should be on your team’s radar.

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