What is SOC 2?

The SOC 2 security framework is an auditing procedure created by the AICPA that took place of the SAS 70 reports. The framework defines criteria for managing customer data based on five Trust Principles:

  • Security
  • Availability
  • Processing Integrity
  • Confidentiality
  • Privacy

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Make compliance a byproduct of your everyday operations with JupiterOne.

What it means for you

It is important to remember that with SOC 2, the goal is for a business to show how it is able to continuously instrument, identify and remediate controls deficiencies in a timely manner. It isn’t a checkbox for your yearly audit. It is about maintaining a level of standards.

If you fall into the trap of letting things slide year around you will find compliance is hard to reach. The auditing process isn’t an outlined list of controls. Rather, it is the auditor’s assessment of the trust principles. That means you are better situated if you focus on fulfilling the intent behind compliance versus a last ditch effort.

Enter JupiterOne

With the growing number of data breaches and public awareness, more and more enterprises are expecting the companies they work with to meet standards like those set out in SOC 2 to show they are being responsible for their own audits. Don’t let a misstep in compliance cost you when it comes to growing your business. Instead, use compliance to accelerate your growth with JupiterOne.

See how JupiterOne can make SOC 2 as easy as 1, 2, 3.

JupiterOne Features for SOC 2 Compliance

Providing Evidence of SOC 2 Compliance

With its smart search functionality, JupiterOne is able to easily provide evidence of compliance for auditors. It’s as simply as asking a question. On the more proactive front, this helps companies identity what areas they need to bring into compliance to have a successful audit in the first place.

Maintaining SOC 2 Compliance Year Around

JupiterOne automatically tracks all of your digital resources by integrating directly with your cloud provider and security tools. This automation updates your environment up to date in real time, keeping you in compliance while freeing your team up to focus on developing and deploying software.

Automatically Building SOC 2 Policies and Procedures

JupiterOne allows companies to turn the painful process of building out security policies and procedures in a few short minutes with our policy wizard. After these policies are put in place, JupiterOne is able to keep your team up to date automatically should anything fall out of compliance.