The NIST cybersecurity framework was created through collaboration between the private and public sector under an executive order. The goal was to ensure the reliable function of our nation’s critical infrastructure. It is a voluntary framework consisting of standards, guidelines, and best practices to manage cybersecurity-related risk.

NIST’s prioritized, flexible, and cost-effective approach helps to promote the protection and resilience of critical infrastructure and other sectors important to the economy and national security.

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What it means for you

The NIST cybersecurity framework is made up of 3 components: the Core, the profiles and the implementation tiers. These components possess the specific functions and target outcomes of the security framework for a specific organization, along with how they view their ability to manage potential risks.

The NIST cybersecurity framework is meant to be a guide. Organizations will continue to have unique risks, so it should be customized by different sectors and individual organizations to best suit their risks, situations, and needs. That even goes down to how the practices in the security framework are implemented. The framework should not be implemented as a a one-size-fits-all approach for all critical infrastructure organizations.

Enter JupiterOne

The NIST cybersecurity framework is a truly robust path to security, meant to manage and reduce risks, as well as foster communication amongst internal and external organizational stakeholders around cybersecurity. Because of that, the time it can take to implement the framework can range anywhere from months to years. With JupiterOne, you can set in place the technology, policies and procedures that make compliance to NIST a natural byproduct of your security operations.

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JupiterOne Features for NIST Compliance

Providing Evidence of NIST Cybersecurity Compliance

JupiterOne’s Simple Search is able to easily provide evidence of compliance for auditors. It’s as simple as asking a question. On the more proactive front, this helps companies identity what areas they need to bring into compliance to have a successful audit in the first place.

Maintaining NIST Compliance Year Around

JupiterOne automatically tracks all of your digital resources by integrating directly with your cloud provider and security tools. This automation updates your environment up to date in real time. That means freeing your team up to focus on developing and deploying software.

Automatically Building NIST Cybersecurity Policies and Procedures

JupiterOne allows companies to turn the painful process of building out security policies and procedures in a few short minutes with our policy wizard. After these policies are put in place, JupiterOne is able to keep your team up to date automatically should anything fall out of compliance.

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