HITRUST CSF® is a certifiable framework that provides organizations with a comprehensive, flexible and efficient approach to regulatory compliance and risk management. It is the most widely adopted framework in the healthcare industry.

The HITRUST CSF was developed in collaboration with information security professionals. It normalizes regulations and standards across various security frameworks (including ISO, NIST, HIPAA and COBIT) into a single overarching security framework. Organizations are able to tailor the security control baselines with HITRUST CSF based on their type, size, systems and regulatory requirements because it is both risk- and compliance-based.

Fundamental to HITRUST’s mission is the availability of a common information protection framework: the CSF. HITRUST ensures the CSF stays relevant and current to the needs of organizations by regularly updating the CSF to incorporate new standards and regulations as authoritative sources.

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Achieving HITRUST the First Time or Looking to Graduate to Levels 4+?

What it means for you

The HITRUST cybersecurity framework encompasses and harmonizes several other compliance frameworks and standards including HIPAA, HITECH, PCI, ISO/IEC, COBIT, NIST RMF, and varying state requirements. If that sounds like a complicated and high hurdle certification, that’s because it is.

The goal of this framework is to serve as a system infrastructure roadmap for healthcare organizations to certify that they securely create, access, store, or transmit protected health information (PHI). As mentioned above, it goes well beyond being HIPAA compliant.

Enter JupiterOne

HITRUST is one of the most thorough and demanding security frameworks a company can look to tackle. But, the sensitivity around data management has more and more organizations both moving that way as well as demanding it of their vendor. Because of the certification’s robustness, the time and resources involved can balloon quickly. JupiterOne was built with HITRUST in mind, helping companies achieve and maintain compliance in record time by making it a byproduct of their security operations.

See how JupiterOne can make receiving your HITRUST CSF as easy as 1, 2, 3.

JupiterOne Features for HITRUST Compliance

Providing Evidence of HITRUST Compliance

JupiterOne’s Simple Search is able to easily provide evidence of compliance for auditors. It’s as simple as asking a question. On the more proactive front, this helps companies identity what areas they need to bring into compliance to have a successful audit in the first place.

Maintaining HITRUST Year Around

JupiterOne automatically tracks all of your digital resources by integrating directly with your cloud provider and security tools. This automation updates your environment up to date in real time. That means freeing your team up to focus on developing and deploying software.

Automatically Building Policies and Procedures

JupiterOne allows companies to turn the painful process of building out security policies and procedures in a few short minutes with our policy wizard. After these policies are put in place, JupiterOne is able to keep your team up to date automatically should anything fall out of compliance.

JupiterOne can drastically simplify and shorten the path to your HITRUST CSF Certification.