JupiterOne Feature & Use Case Demos

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Asset Inventory

JupiterOne’s Asset Inventory is an automatically generated and maintained table of your digital environment along with specific details about the resources, tools, services and users. Quickly filter or search your assets for specific items as needed to easily track changes.

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Security Policy & Procedure Manager

Create your own security policies in minutes (using our compliance tested, cloud-oriented templates) or upload your existing policies and procedures. The relationships to your digital resources are mapped and you can easily distribute the policies across your organization.

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Managing Your Integrations

JupiterOne is only as powerful as the data you’ve connected and the relationships that have been mapped across your digital environment. Using JupiterOne’s managed integrations, pulling data and maintaining an up to date picture of your environment to gather meaningful insights is extremely simple and takes only minutes.

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Manage & Maintain Compliance

JupiterOne’s Compliance dashboard gives you a real-time status of your organizations standing against your adopted security and compliance frameworks, including the ability to view and download evidences for audits and self-assessments. Organizations can upload any security framework they’ve adopted.

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Using JupiterOne's Search Capabilities

When you know what you are looking for or which question you need an answer to, why wade through filters or generate reports? Use JupiterOne’s simply search to pinpoint specific items or areas in your environment for further analysis.

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