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From organizations of 15 to 5,000, JupiterOne is built to help your security team efficiently manage your digital environment, quickly isolate vulnerabilities and streamline the path to compliance.

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JupiterOne Pricing & FAQs


$1000starting per month
  • Unlimited Users
  • Integration Access
  • Smart Search
  • Security Policy Builder
  • Graph Visualization
  • Automatic Asset Inventory
  • Configuration management
  • Open source resources
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Metrics & Trend reporting
  • Endpoint compliance agent
  • API and Marketplace Access
  • SAML Single Sign-On
  • Dedicated Support
  • Custom Integrations

Frequently Asked Questions

JupiterOne’s free trial lasts 30 days, but the true value of the graph database and relationship mapping can be realized on day one. We’re serious. Organizations that have integrated their digital environment with JupiterOne have been able to spot significant infrastructure and identify access vulnerabilities in just the first week of their trial.

Yes. Organizations in their free trial are able to have an in depth demo of JupiterOne using the data ingested from their own environment to realize the full potential of the security platform. Similarly, organizations that upgrade to the Infinity plan reserve full support which includes a dedicated Slack channel, Zoom meetings and access to JupiterOne’s resource docs.

No. Users in the JupiterOne Free Trial are able to leverage all of the integrations and applications within the Infinity plan. That means Simple Search, the Compliance Dashboard, Automatic Asset Inventory and the Security Policy Builder are just a click away.

JupiterOne centralizes security operations for your team and analysts while also providing a clear separation of duties. How? JupiterOne integrates with your digital environment and uses it’s graph database to map the relationships across each of the disparate sources. For example, visualizing a user’s resource access requires logging into a single UI, instead of various tools and platform.

Yes. Organizations can leverage the JupiterOne Community plan which unlocks the power of the graph and relationship model, free of charge. It’s security simplified for any budget. Read more about JupiterOne Community at the bottom of the page.

Yes. Our road map has more than 3-dozen future integrations outlined, from endpoint management to cloud infrastructure. Since the beginning of 2019, we have added more than 10 integrations and power-ups. You can also add your own data leveraging the JupiterOne Platform APIs. Check out the JupiterOne Client and CLI on GitHub.

If you have any additional questions around JupiterOne, pricing or upcoming developments, please email us at hello@jupiterone.io.

Cloud Security Add-ons

Penetration testing

When it comes to security assurance, the best way to gain confidence in your teams operations is to actually test your defenses. Safely exploit would-be vulnerabilities in your infrastructure to prevent detrimental breaches from occurring.

Interactive security awareness training

Your human resources can be your biggest asset or greatest liability when it comes to security operations and compliance. Improve the knowledge and understanding of your team when it comes to cloud security best practices with our monthly security awareness training.

Cloud security and compliance advisory services

Whether you are on the path to compliance for the first time or looking to streamline the process for your recertification, the security team at JupiterOne can help your team operationalize your security operations. That means reduced stress, minimized demands on your team and security assurance in record time.

JupiterOne Community

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JupiterOne’s graph-based approach to security operations enables powerful relationship mapping and deep insights into the changes happening in your environment. Curious about how graph can enable streamlined compliance, efficient vulnerability management and security assurance for your organization? Get started today.

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  • Unlimited users
  • Access to all managed integrations
  • Search and query
  • Graph visualization
  • Asset inventory
  • Configuration management
  • Open source resources on github.com/jupiterone
  • Self-service online support

Powering Security Operations for

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