JupiterOne Architecture

Designed to be your security gospel

JupiterOne’s architecture was designed for to be your single-source of truth when it comes to security operations and compliance. By ingesting data from various sources across your underlying digital infrastructure and controls, users are able to have a complete picture of their security posture from one place.

This architecture maximizes flexibility and extensibility.  The extensive integration and automation built into JupiterOne enables security teams to go from survey-driven security to data-driven security, which

  • Reduces over 90% of time for entering and maintaining data
  • Makes security less subjective and more accurate
  • Allows continuous compliance
  • Enables easier and more actionable cross-team collaboration
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Built-in, Compounding Value

JupiterOne's cloud architecture was designed to streamline your security operations and maximize the value for the time put into the system. All of the data that is ingested from other sources is consolidated at the JupiterOne Core. This has a compounding impact of value for your organization.

Every time a data integration is added, operational functions are automatically applied. Similarly, every time a new operational function is added to JupiterOne's core, it applies across the entire dataset, not just a single integration. This saves time as well as reduces the likelihood of user oversight.

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