JupiterOne Cloud Security Features

JupiterOne's cloud security features were designed by a DevSecOps-oriented team to help your organization experience the benefits of DevSecOps.

Policy Builder

Every SaaS software company needs a set of policies and procedures for compliance, certifications and security reviews. JupiterOne’s Policy Builder lets you build a complete set of policies and procedures in minutes.

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Graph Viewer Visualization

JupiterOne is the first solution to give you a true unified view of all systems and environments. Finally one tool that connects to your AWS accounts (Google Cloud and Azure coming soon), source control systems and security controls such as identity system, endpoint agents, vulnerability scanners and more.

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Asset Inventory

The Center for Internet Security (CIS) considers asset inventory so important for security, it is their first and second basic CIS Controls. Your SaaS business is constantly evolving adding new physical and virtual IT assets all the time. It is nearly impossible to get a current inventory of all connected environments – until now.

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Smart Search

Even the simplest SaaS organization has many resources and entities with complex relationships. As your software and infrastructure grows, the complexity will increase. JupiterOne provides Google-like search across all entities, resources and properties. Finding the information you need is only a few keystrokes away.

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AWS Resource Compliance

Save time maintaining your digital environment by leveraging the cloud-native AWS Config service to continuously assess, audit and evaluate the configurations of your AWS resources and identify vulnerabilities in your AWS accounts.

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Our integrations allow you to automatically pull in information regarding your environment and centralize the management of your security operations. With AWS, GitHub, BitBucket, Okta and dozens more to come, explore how integrations with JupiterOne can save you time and simplify your path to compliance.

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JupiterOne’s Architecture

At JupiterOne, we believe cloud security features should simplify your security operations, not complicate them. To do that, it all starts with how the platform is designed. Learn more about JupiterOne’s Security Architecture and how it can foster an environment of security assurance.

On the Roadmap

  • Endpoint Configuration Monitoring
  • Compliance Evidence Reporting

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