Security Operations Use Cases

JupiterOne can supplant the need for more than 2-dozen security controls as well as centralize operations for performing access reviews, spotting vulnerabilities, analyzing risks over time, managing endpoints, gather compliance evidence and more. Explore just some of the ways JupiterOne can completely simplify your security operations.

Take back control of your days [and nights and weekends].

Security teams have to face the challenge of a growing, increasingly complex digital environment filled with constant changes from dozens, hundreds or thousands of users, devices, services, etc. The data is there, but the time isn’t. JupiterOne cuts 90% of the time spent bouncing from interface to interface to gather compliance evidence, perform access reviews, wade through alerts, navigate risks, respond to security reviews or prioritize remediation by centralizing all of the data into a single, up-to-date hub.

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Using JupiterOne for Day to Day Operations

Resource Configuration Compliance

Customizable rules and alerts plus direct integrations with dozens of AWS services mean you can manage resource configuration compliance where you manage the rest of your security operations and compliance.

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Performing Access Reviews

Search, visualize and analyze user access to tools, services and critical resources, as well as connect that data with endpoint compliance, MFA Activation, SSO access and more to get a clear picture of potential risks.

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Gather Compliance Evidence

Search, visualize, spot-check or download compliance evidence across numerous security frameworks in real-time, as well as configure rules to alert you when team members are no longer in compliance for prompt remediation.

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Detect Suspicious Code Commits

Connect your users and code repositories like GitHub and BitBucket to detect inadvertent self-approvals that occur during code reviews or spot malicious intent from outside sources.

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Enforce Security Policies

Create or upload your security policies and procedures, map them to the resources in your digital environment, and configures rules to alert you of potential violations and vulnerabilities in real-time to limit your exposure.

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Vulnerability Management

Integrate findings from AWS Guard Duty and AWS Inspector to JupiterOne and map the vulnerabilities to the rest of your environment to understand your true risk – also configure rules to alert you when critical vulnerabilities occur.

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Endpoint Compliance

Use the JupiterOne Endpoint Agent or bring your integration from Carbon Black, SentinelOne or Wazuh to manage your endpoints, spot improper configurations and map vulnerabilities users and devices may have across the rest of your environment.

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Security Reviews

JupiterOne allows you to centralize you security policies and procedures documentation as well as directly gather evidence for security reviews across your entire digital environment to speed up the sales cycle.

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Governance, Risk Management & Compliance

Manage, create or maintain your security policies and procedures, as well as distribute them across your organization, and manage your compliance status against various security frameworks with JupiterOne as a lite-weight GRC.

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Benefits of Streamlined Security Operations 

Efficient security operations do much more than making your life easier. It actually carries a tangible business impact - from fewer resource demands and lower costs to shortening sales cycles.

“JupiterOne gives our team a unified view of our cloud environments to help us develop secure software and meet our compliance requirements…Additionally, JupiterOne has scaled seamlessly as our platform continues to grow in size and complexity.”

Ethan Bechtel, CEO


Achieve continuous compliance

Expedite security certifications

Increase SecOps Efficiency

Continuously Protect Customers

Remove Sales Friction

Eliminate Manual Tasks

Providing Complete Visibility for Leading Cloud-Native Organizations

Providing Complete Visibility for Leading Cloud-Native Organizations

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