About JupiterOne

Enabling Agile Security and Compliance for Digital Organizations

JupiterOne was built based on the lessons learned and the technology developed as security practitioners. This experience enabled us to build a strong security program anchored in compliance in governance in record time.

Our Story

LifeOmic was founded in late 2016. Our mission was to transform healthcare through the power of Precision Medicine and cloud. Because of the nature of the data the platform would analyze and store, we knew that security and compliance would be critical…and heavily regulated.

When we looked at the market for security solutions, tools existed. Proliferated may be an even better word to describe it. There is a niche tool for nearly every security process or control. As we spoke with potential solutions providers, every solution was complementary to the other. Layers and layers of tools and hubs for answering one simple question: are we compliant and secure?

Don’t let complexity get in the way

Complexity is the enemy of your business’s ability to scale. Unfortunately for security operations, it seemed like complexity was going to be our reality. The more we looked at the problem, though, the more we realized simplicity in security is possible. With automation and security-as-code, our small team could build a solution that was simple and, more importantly, secure.

It was a grand experiment, but it seemed appropriate in the context of what we are trying to do for the healthcare industry.

Within 3 months, we were able to achieve base compliance. 6 months after that, we received a much deeper regulated certification. When we think back to that week the auditors came, it’s hard not to laugh. Within a day and a half, they had all of the information they needed when the whole week was blocked off. “Would you like us to come back tomorrow? Do you have any questions for us?” The outcome of our approach was a surprise to even the toughest security judges.

The result reinforced what our team saw throughout the process: the security and compliance industry has shifted its focus from why to how. That change has resulted into an overly complex and disjointed marketplace. Other organizations needed to see the trail we were blazing at LifeOmic.

Enter JupiterOne: Precision Security for All

Compliance is important. Security is critical. We want other technology organizations and digital teams to experience security and compliance the way we have: simplified and scalable.

JupiterOne provides continuous instrumentation and monitoring of cloud environments and controls. It provides automated reporting and evidence collection for compliance. You can easily visualize relationships in your digital environment to understand what exactly is going on. You can ask simple questions and get robust responses. 

All businesses want to grow. Traditionally, security and compliance are a handcuff on resources. They are the bottleneck. At JupiterOne, we’ve seen firsthand that doesn’t have to be the case. When done right, security can be a key to unlocking unprecedented scale, without sacrifice. It’s an opportunity to redistribute the hundreds’ of hours spent providing evidence of compliance, maintaining your policies or  updating your asset inventory towards really matters to your business: growth.

By having a single source of truth in JupiterOne, you don’t need to worry about being in the news when the next breach happens. You’ll have caught the exposure early on.

Experience security simplified. Experience JupiterOne.

We have been there. Building and delivering secure software is hard. Traditional processes silo security teams and create tension between development and security. There is a better way – DevSecOps.

Realize the benefits of simplified security operations today.

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