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Key Features

  • Integrates directly with:
    • Your AWS accounts (Google Cloud and Azure coming soon)
    • Your source control systems (e.g. Bitbucket, Github)
    • Your security controls systems including identity systems, endpoint agents and vulnerability scanners
  • Quickly identify misconfigurations and security issues such as improper access control, network access, etc.

Get a unified, interactive view of all resources and environments.

JupiterOne is the first solution to give you a true unified view of all systems and environments. Finally one tool that connects to your AWS accounts (Google Cloud and Azure coming soon), source control systems and security controls such as identity system, endpoint agents, vulnerability scanners and more.

The graph viewer allows you to interactively explore all of the connected entities and their relationships. Since JupiterOne is directly integrated to the software tools and platforms you use today, the data is always up-to-date. Add a new virtual instance, JupiterOne knows. Change a security group rule, JupiterOne sees it.

This allows you to quickly identify misconfigurations such as access control and network access issues ensuring your team can quickly remediate. Additionally, you can instantly provide current system architecture diagrams and evidence for reviews and audits.

The intuitive interface enables you to democratize security, break down silos between development, test and security and adopt a true DevSecOps culture.