Smart Search

Structured querying for more advanced and precise searching

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JupiterOne Natural Query Language

Key Features

  • Simple, natural language-like search across your cloud infrastructure to answer questions, for example
    • Which devices are missing the required endpoint security agent?
    • What service accounts are being used within my environments?
    • Who has access to my critical data stores in production?
  • Generate compliance evidence on demand
  • Direct integrations into cloud platforms and tools

Pinpoint resources and identify issues with a simple search.

Complexity within your cloud and DevOps infrastructure grows at a rate that vastly outpaces your headcount. Even small SaaS organizations would be surprised by the number of resources and entities that exist in their digital environment. Getting a handle on all the complex relationships that exist is an arduous task; keeping that handle, almost impossible.

JupiterOne’s Smart Search makes maintaining your security operations across all entities, resources and properties as simple as asking a question.

With the JupiterOne Query Language (J1QL), and integrations with your cloud infrastructure, DevOps environment and security controls, you can now pinpoint the exact resource or issue across your entire connected digital footprint. You can operate security with a simple search, getting powerful insight and immediate answers with ease.

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