About JupiterOne QUEST

At JupiterOne, we are on a quest to transform how organizations think about cloud security and compliance. As a non-profit or educational institution, you are on your own quest. We want to help. JupiterOne QUEST is completely free cloud security for non-profits. Unlimited users and entities with complete access to JupiterOne’s suite of features and integrations.

QUEST is free when you leverage our self-service online support. We have just one request: organizations leveraging QUEST will allow us to use their name and logo on our website and marketing materials. Not a bad deal!

Not a non-profit? Check out our pricing page.


JupiterOne for Non-Profits
FREENo credit card required
  • Unlimited entities
  • Unlimited users
  • Managed integrations
  • API Access
  • Marketplace Access
  • Self-service Online support

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Cloud Security Add-ons

Special pricing available for these add-ons for non-profits and educational institutions

JupiterOne Support

Need something beyond online, self-service support? Add JupiterOne Cloud Security support to your free QUEST plan. We will work with you to ensure your account is created and maintained to its fullest.

A support plan is needed to enable premium (non-community) features such as alerts, compliance and reporting dashboards

Penetration testing

When it comes to security assurance, the best way to gain confidence in your teams operations is to actually test your defenses. Safely exploit would-be vulnerabilities in your infrastructure to prevent detrimental breaches from occurring.

Interactive security awareness training

Your human resources can be your biggest asset or greatest liability when it comes to security operations and compliance. Improve the knowledge and understanding of your team when it comes to cloud security best practices with our monthly security awareness training.

Cloud security and compliance advisory services

Whether you are on the path to compliance for the first time or looking to streamline the process for your recertification, the security team at JupiterOne can help your team operationalize your security operations. That means reduced stress, minimized demands on your team and security assurance in record time.

JupiterOne QUEST can help your organization stay lean & efficient.

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