JupiterOne + NPM Integration

Navigate SecOps complexity by connecting Users, Endpoints and Devices with their access to resources in your digital environment by leveraging JupiterOne’s NPM Integration.

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The Importance of using a Package Manager

With package managers, teams can continue to release code quickly, take advantage of open source ecosystems all while being able to quickly identify team and organization memberships.

By combining JupiterOne’s relationship-based data model with data from NPM security teams are able to connect all of the digital assets in their environment to provide visibility into the organizations, teams, users and packages. 

Overview of the NPM Integration

JupiterOne provides a managed integration for NPM. The integration connects directly to NPM REST APIs to obtain details on organizations, teams, users, and packages. Customers authorize access by creating an API token in your target NPM account and providing that credential and the organization name to JupiterOne.

To create an NPM token with Read Only access, follow the instructions in the NPM documentation.

NPM Ingested Resources

The following entity resources are ingested when the integration runs:

NPM Resources _type of the Entity _class of the Entity
Organization npm_organization Organization
Team npm_team UserGroup
User npm_user User
Package npm_package CodeModule

Providing Complete Visibility for Leading Cloud-Native Organizations

Providing Complete Visibility for Leading Cloud-Native Organizations

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