JupiterOne + Jamf Integration

Connect your MDM with the rest of your security operations and resources and speed up the time it takes to spot vulnerabilities and remediate issues with JupiterOne’s Jamf Integration.

Overview of the Jamf Integration

JupiterOne provides a managed integration with Jamf. The integration connects directly to Jamf APIs to obtain account metadata and analyze resource relationships. Customers authorize access by Basic Authentication with their target Jamf account and providing that credential to JupiterOne.

By connecting with Jamf as your mobile device management (MDM) platform, JupiterOne makes it easy to see what devices face vulnerabilities or are out of compliance, as well as map the devices as their users access critical resources. This paints a complete picture of vulnerabilities and managing endpoints.


The following entity resources are ingested when the integration runs:

Entity Resource _type : _class of the Entity
Account jamf_account : Account
User jamf_user : User
MobileDevice jamf_mobile_device : Device
Computer jamf_computer : Device

Providing Complete Visibility for Leading Cloud-Native Organizations

Providing Complete Visibility for Leading Cloud-Native Organizations

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