JupiterOne + HackerOne Integration

Navigate SecOps complexity by leveraging JupiterOne’s HackerOne integration to consolidate vulnerability scan findings and mapping them to the corresponding code repos, projects, and developers.

Overview of the HackerOne Integration

JupiterOne provides a managed integration with HackerOne. The integration connects directly to HackerOne APIs to obtain account metadata and analyze resource relationships. Customers authorize access by creating an API token in their target HackerOne account and providing that credential to JupiterOne.

This pulls data regarding services and findings from a pen test directly into JupiterOne and connecting those findings with the impacted resources in your digital environment. Those resources are connected to owners and your ticketing systems, automating the remediation and response process for your development and engineering teams.

HackerOne Ingested Resources

Example Entity Resource _type : _class of the Entity
Program hackerone_program : Service
Finding Report hackerone_finding : Finding

Providing Complete Visibility for Leading Cloud-Native Organizations

Providing Complete Visibility for Leading Cloud-Native Organizations

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