2019 security outlook for SaaS providers

Software as a service (SaaS) organizations are expected to increase their information security investments in 2019 to manage growing security risks and address increasingly-complex business needs. Privacy concerns are also in the mix as providers evaluate solutions and services to shore up their cloud platform. But before you venture out to proverbial grocery store without a list [on an empty stomach], take a minute to assess what you already have in your security operations.

How prepared are you? What items do you need to address in the New Year? See where you fall with our free security assessment!

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What's Included

Our free security assessment guides users through 7 questions to understand what resources they have in place and what gaps exist in their current security posture. As you go through, be honest; it’s the only way to get a true sense for where your organization is when it comes to security operations.

The assessment covers:

  • Your security program
  • Your infrastructure security controls
  • Your container security controls
  • How you handle sensitive data
  • How you built your products
  • How you protect your assets
  • and more!
JupiterOne Security Assessment

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After a few minutes you will have a detailed summary of your current security operations, including insight into gaps and vulnerabilities that may exist. Then you can  confidently head into the 2019 with your list of priorities. It’s that simple.

Security and compliance can be convoluted and complex. Simplify the challenge ahead by establishing your baseline now with our free security assessment.

How prepared are your security operations for the New Year?

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Our Recommended 2019 Security Resolution: Prioritize Simplicity

We built JupiterOne because we believe simplicity in security operations is critical to achieving security assurance and shortening the path to compliance. It’s not about having the best out-of-the-box tools; what matters is the right mindset and workflows. Your team should be able to maintain their efficient development cycles while still able to quickly identify security concerns.

Complexity is the enemy of efficient and effective security operations. So before you add to your growing security stack, take stock of what you currently have and use. This way you can approach the challenge of shoring up your security operations with a complete picture of your current tools, policies and procedures.

Experience how JupiterOne can drastically simplify your day to day security operations, making compliance a breeze.

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