Netflix Integration Incorporates More Personal Endpoint Monitoring

Just over a year ago JupiterOne incorporated Netflix’s Stethoscope into its cloud security platform to provide cloud-based organizations an open-source endpoint monitoring solution. Endpoint management is critical for ensuring visibility into has access to critical resources as well as monitoring where changes may be coming from in your account.

The adoption of Stethoscope from JupiterOne customers was incredible.

Because of that adoption, we are now excited to announce a direct integration with Netflix – allowing security professionals to have complete visibility into the devices and endpoints with access to their personal Netflix account.

A Passion Project Born

Sharing your Netflix login information is commonplace among family and even friends. But there is a protocol: create your own user account. This gives visibility into who all is sharing while also keeping personalized show and movie recommendations in tact. But when the sharing is not kept in check and guest users are flippantly adding programs to your personal watchlist, your general Netflix experience suffers.

This is why Erkang Zheng, founder of JupiterOne, proposed this latest tooling integration, putting on hold deeper service integrations with AWS, Azure and GCP.

Fed up of having to scroll through dozens of recently watched to get to his go-to Great British Baking Show, Erkang tasked the very team he suspected of abusing his Netflix account access with creating a solution for outing them.

Done In By the Graph

JupiterOne is built on a graph, allowing companies to easily visualize the relationships across their digital environment. With the latest Netflix integration, you are able to see the endpoints and devices that most recently access your personal profile to spot people breaches the terms of sharing your Netflix account login.

Yesterday, during the JupiterOne round table, Erkang use JupiterOne queries to find devices that accessed his personal profile within his account. Then he refined the query to return the owner of the devices.

It was efficient and it was effective. And we were all done in.

Configure Alerts

Using queries, users can set alerts for unauthorized access to your personal Netflix profile to limit the amount of damage done to its suggestion algorithm and be notified by Jira, Slack or SNS.

Get Started Today

All JupiterOne customers can readily access our new Netflix integration in their accounts. If you are interesting in leveraging the insights that come from mapping the relationships across your digital environment – including catching coworkers using your Netflix account – sign up for a free trial today.