Transforming Security Operations

Video: LifeOmic CISO & JupiterOne General Manager Erkang Zheng discusses how to incorporate a 3rd dimension into your SecOps.

6 Foundational Tips for AWS Security

Navigate the shared responsibility model, streamline SecOps & eliminate alert fatigue with these 6 tips for AWS security.

Three Dimensional Security

Today’s security operations approach fails because it is two-dimensional.  That has to change. It badly needs the third dimension. 

SecOps: An Exercise in Time Management

Read through our 4 step method for tackling the data slog and mastering time management for security operations.

Compliance Doesn’t Matter

Organizations are focused on the wrong thing when it comes to security operations. Effective plans start with a goal...

What Does Digital Transformation Mean for Security and Compliance?

I was at the Gartner Symposium ITXpo last week in Orlando, with nearly 10,000 other CIOs and IT leaders. It was an exciting week…