Capital One Breach: Is your AWS environment just as susceptible?

The Capital One data breach has a lot of people flinching about the cloud...

How JupiterOne simplifies security and compliance operations with Amazon Neptune

JupiterOne's architecture powers the relationships needed for context and data driven security operations.

We Turned Off AWS Config

We've reduced our dependence on AWS Config with JupiterOne, saving us thousands per month and providing more flexibility.

Three Dimensional Security

Today’s security operations approach fails because it is two-dimensional.  That has to change. It badly needs the third dimension. 

What Does Digital Transformation Mean for Security and Compliance?

I was at the Gartner Symposium ITXpo last week in Orlando, with nearly 10,000 other CIOs and IT leaders. It was an exciting week…

Finding a cure to the cyber breach pandemic – JupiterOne is here

Let’s be honest. This is a mess. We are losing in the battle of cybersecurity. There is no stopping the attacks.   

Data-Centric, Zero-Trust Security

Let me start by sharing the foundational and most important aspect of LifeOmic’s cybersecurity operations and the genesis of…

Introducing the LifeOmic Top Ten

It’s been almost six months since I joined LifeOmic, a life sciences / biotech cloud software startup with a mission to help turn…

Perhaps It’s Time We Stop Blaming the Users

For years, I’ve been hearing security people say that about uninformed users who fall victims to cyberattacks. I gotta admit, I was…

Are We Doomed in the Cyber-pandemic? My View on the State of Cybersecurity

Just a short decade ago, cybersecurity was still a fringe subject to most people. Today, while still fascinating, it has undoubtedly become…