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Security reviews add time and complexity to sales cycles. Inevitably, one or more of the technical team members are pulled into filling out long security questionnaires and reviewing processes and controls.

These security reviews are critical for closing opportunities but can take time away from actually developing the product. This can create a vicious circle of inefficiency.

JupiterOne streamlines security reviews and helps you achieve certifications that accelerate your sales cycle such as HITRUST, SOC2 and ISO 27001. You will be able to provide a complete set of security processes backed up with evidence. Your sales team can focus on sales and you can focus on your day job.

How it works

Complete policies, processes and controls prove to your customers that you have the operational discipline to develop and run secure cloud software. Any evidence of your controls can quickly be created through JupiterOne.

Additional certifications can reduce the sales friction even more by demonstrating that external auditors have verified that your policies, processes and controls meet a certain set of standards.

Learn how JupiterOne removes friction and reduces time spent on security reviews.

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