Make Your Team More Efficient


DevSecOps will be as powerful of a cultural shift as DevOps, democratizing security across your entire technology organization. DevSecOps means the entire team will design, implement and test with security in mind.

DevSecOps will make your team more efficient. First, you will remove security bottlenecks and move away from a security-as-waterfall development pipeline. Second, it will reduce the iterations needed when security issues are found. The person who knows the code best will spot and fix the problem. Finally, since JupiterOne is real-time, the whole team will always see the whole picture.

JupiterOne is the key enabler of a DevSecOps culture within your organization. It will result in a more productive team and more secure software.

How it works

JupiterOne provides security as code to enable better security with fewer resources.

This manifests itself in everything from the policy builder to the real-time, interactive visualizations of your systems and applications. Your entire team is enabled to deliver secure, reliable software and all resources are monitored and protected.

Learn how JupiterOne enables your team to become more productive, efficient and secure.

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