Continuously Protect Your Customers and Business

Have peace of mind knowing that your customers’ data and your business are truly protected, continuously. You didn’t just check a few boxes for compliance.

To protect your customers and your business, you need to ensure that you understand your architecture, resources, interrelationships and alert severity, at all times.

JupiterOne provides a set of tools that allows you to visualize your resources as they evolve. With JupiterOne, you can see all relationships between resources and determine which alerts are important, all within a unified application.

How it works

JupiterOne provides a unified system for creating, operationalizing and maintaining security.

This includes building and controlling an aggregated map of your cloud, DevOps, IT infrastructure, all within JupiterOne. We like to equate it to sequencing your DNA.

JupiterOne automatically derives context and relationships across everything to build a complete security model. All resources are visualized in connected graphs without having to manually analyze massive logs, API and command outputs or constantly switch context among a dozen different tools and environments. Continuous monitoring and automatically updating when changes do occur ensures that your view of resources is always current.

Finally, smart alerting allows you to focus on what matters the most.

Learn how JupiterOne continuously monitors and automatically updates with every change.

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