Achieve and Maintain Compliance

If your software company is like most, your infrastructure is continually evolving. You add new resources to your cloud infrastructure, sometimes multiple times per day. You either invest significant resources in trying to keep up, or you give up trying and scramble to create up-to-date documentation and evidence around your annual audits. Finally, there is a software solution that is as dynamic as your company.

JupiterOne automates the creation and maintenance of your policy, process and controls documentation with a simple wizard-type process. Documentation is maintained in code so that it is always up-to-date as your business evolves.  

JupiterOne tracks all of your resources by integrating with your cloud provider and your security tools. This keeps you in compliance while freeing your team up to focus on developing and deploying software.

How it works

JupiterOne integrates with Amazon Web Services (more cloud providers coming soon) to dynamically monitor your resources.

Add a VM, JupiterOne sees it. Database, it sees that too. Remove resources, it automatically updates.

With JupiterOne, you can visualize your real-time infrastructure using interactive maps instead of stitching together the needed information from cumbersome consoles and logs.

Learn how JupiterOne will help you achieve, and stay in, compliance.

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