Accelerate Certifications

Certifications demonstrate your investment in security policies and processes to prospects and customers. However, the security process can bog down your team. It often takes months to years and can cost tens-of-thousands of dollars.

JupiterOne streamlines certifications with a security policy, procedures and controls generator. This generator produces evidence of all the controls you have in place for your team, prospects and customers, making it easy to understand exactly what is going on in your environment. You can easily identify who or what is not in compliance and take the necessary actions.

Because the documentation is maintained in code and integrated into the rest of JupiterOne, it is seamless to keep up-to-date as your business evolves. No more manually updating records.

Using JupiterOne to integrate your security infrastructure also means it is easy to assemble and provide evidence for all of your controls to certification and compliance auditors. By shortening the compliance and certification auditing process, your team can get back to what really matters: continuing to innovate and grow your business.

How it works

JupiterOne establishes and maintains your security process, policies and controls in a wizard format. Updates are easy to manage and publish.

Already have documentation? That time isn’t lost. It is easy to import your controls, policies and procedures into JupiterOne. Moving forward they will automatically evolve with your business. No more 500 page documents to update and maintain. 

Learn how JupiterOne can reduce the resources required for industry certifications and expedite the process.

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